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Adopt a new way of thinking: Meet our Bears!

by | Oct 25, 2018

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We all have tendencies, preferred paths and comfortable approaches. As humans, we tend to avoid the unknown. We take the most familiar route because it feels right, and we ignore the foreign approach because it’s not necessarily within our immediate reach.

But what happens when we embrace the things we tend to avoid? The short answer: We’re better for it.

Embracing thinking diversity

When we become familiar with all the options that means we always have the best solution at our fingertips. It’s a desirable outcome but as with most good things, it takes work to achieve. We need to actively familiarise ourselves with the unfamiliar.

It helps to have a daily reminder of this. It also helps if it’s cuddly and cute. That’s where our team of bears come in. When you step into the Herrmann offices for a profile debrief, you leave with more than just exciting insights into your thinking preferences. You get the chance to adopt a cute little teddy bear in the colour of your least preferred thinking quadrant.

Our bears exist to give a real form to something very abstract. Instead of asking our clients to push themselves towards this (sometimes) foreign way of thinking on their own, we give them a bear to place on their desks as a gentle nudge towards a more holistic way of thinking.

So who are our bears?

Meet Blue Bear

Blue loves the facts. When your head is in the clouds, she’ll ask you to come back to the ground. She is the companion you need when concepts aren’t enough. Blue needs you to break things down for her, to condense the information into key points and action items.

Adopting Blue means getting closer to the rational and recognising the role it plays in attaining the big picture things. She’ll help you get where you’ve always seen yourself going, making reality just as welcome a companion as your dreams.

Meet Red Bear

Red is a big ol’ softy. He loves connecting with people and relies on his gut feeling more often than not. If you’re looking to have an ideas brainstorm or you’re keen to find someone who will just listen, Red will always be in your corner.

When you adopt a bear like Red, you’re taking on a companion that will remind you to listen to your intuition. Someone who will nudge you in the direction of feelings and people and a softer approach to the tricky situations we face every day.

Meet Green Bear

Green is big on planning. He loves to know the what, where, when and why of things. He makes everyone in the room feel more comfortable because he always knows the plan and he’s great at articulating it.

Green is the type of bear that will always be there to remind you of how things should be done. He favours safety over risk taking and he will help you think about how your new ideas fit into the current framework.

Meet Yellow Bear

She’s the kind of gal you need around when you have trouble seeing the big picture. Yellow is imaginative and conceptual and the kind of friend that gets you thinking about the future.

Yellow is ready to entertain the ideas that most people see as unattainable. She’s great to have around when your head is focused on an immediate fix instead of a long-term solution.

Ready to adopt your Bear?

Your Bear is waiting for you and we’d love to introduce you. Contact our team today to get started on your personal profile!

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