Optimise workplace communication for better results

Ensure effective communication with anyone, about anything, at any time by analysing your communications to match the Thinking Styles™ of your internal and external audiences. Understanding your thinking style will change how you view your own thinking preferences, understand your colleagues and lead to better business outcomes.

How does the introvert/extrovert dynamic work within teams?

How to improve communication skills in the workplace

The workplace is an intersection of different Thinking Styles™. Optimising your team’s communication skills is an untapped competitive advantage that the world’s most successful organisations utilise – and you can too.

Being able to adapt to other communication styles allows people to get their message across to all kinds of people. With Whole Brain® Thinking and the HBDI® as the catalyst, employees can fine-tune communication for better business results.

Effective communication delivers:


Whole Brain® Thinking for Teams

Improved Productivity

Team Effectiveness

Better Relationships

Time Effectiveness

Effective use of time and resources

Increase efficiency

Increased Employee Engagement

Business & Not-for-Profit

Better Decision Making

Our top workplace communication resources

Many businesses implement communication strategies in the workplace, however, without the right tools to support these initiatives they often lack tangible value.

At Herrmann, we empower employees and HR professionals to use Whole Brain® Thinking to ensure a real and lasting impact when improving workplace communication.

Discover the following resources to improve communication in your workplace.

How-to Guide

Communicating with different Thinkers

Stress Management Toolkit

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