It starts from the top: investing in leadership development

Increase job satisfaction and decrease turnover. Identify and develop your leaders by helping them maximise their potential.Using the knowledge of Whole Brain® Thinking and employee preferences, you can build a leadership development plan that appeals to a wide variety of learners and drives better outcomes for your organisation.
Leadership Development

Why is developing leadership skills important?

The workplace is a collaboration of all the different Thinking Styles™, and there’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to motivating and developing your leaders.Understanding both your leaders’ and employees’ thinking styles allows you to build inclusive leadership development programs. Programs like this are essential in improving your current manager’s leadership skills, but also helping to develop skills in prospective leaders too.With Whole Brain® Thinking and the HBDI® as the catalyst, employers and coaches can get to the heart of how to motivate, retain and build high-performing leaders.

Investing in leadership development can help you:

Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

Improved communication

Improve communication

Employee job satisfaction

Boost employee job satisfaction

Attract in-demand talent

Attract in-demand talent

Improve employee retention

Improve employee retention

Our top leadership development ideas and resources

Many businesses try to implement leadership development initiatives in their workplace. But without the right tools and support for these initiatives, they often end up lacking any real value.At Herrmann, we empower employees and HR professionals to use Whole Brain® Thinking to ensure a real and lasting impact when improving leadership development.Discover the following resources to improve leadership development in your workplace:


Close the Leadership Gap: Accelerate High-Potential (Hi-Po) Development with a Whole Brain® Approach

Inclusive Leadership Playbook

Diversity of Thought: A pathway to Inclusive Leadership

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